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Sky Temple
Yelapa, Mexico

Visiting Yelapa, Mexico is one of the best things to do while traveling from Puerto Vallarta. This charming village is one of those places you can only get to by boat. There you will find this magnificent hidden beach, perfect to get away from the frenzy of the city.

This place stands out for its exceptional natural beauty and its character giving us the impression of being on an island while having the infrastructure of a charming village to have a good time.

How does it work for transportation to Yelapa?
At which airport should I land?
At the Puerto Vallarta airport.
When leaving the airport, you have 2 options.

You must take a taxi (about 35 minutes) to Los Muertos wharf before the last 5hpm taxi-boat to Yelapa.

Option #2
You must take a taxi to the dock in Boca de Tomatlan (about an hour and a half of car) to take a 20 minute taxi-boat to Yelapa.

Plan about 600 pesos (40$US) for the taxi and the taxi*boat included

Please let us know your arrival time in Yelapa in advance so that we can meet you and help you with your luggage.

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If I have physical limitations, can I still come?

Yelapa is a place that requires a certain level of physical ability. There are no cars or paved roads. We will be walking quite a bit on paths and on stairs that aren't always smooth or even. There are also hills and inclines to and from town. Be ready to feel alive!

They are no ATM / BANK in Yelapa?

There is NO ATM / BANK in Yelapa. You must withdraw your pesos and/or US dollars before coming here. In Puerto Vallarta you will find several banks.

Pesos is the best option if you stay more than 2 days.

Sometimes, a few restaurant accept the credit card paiement with an 5% aditional cost but do take it for granted.

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